Web Design

We build beautiful, usable websites that adhere to the industries strict web standards. Just as your local baker most likely doesn’t design websites, we don’t create cookie- cutter designs. Each site we design is a custom creation built to fit your needs and more importantly, your audiences. Our websites use the latest advancements in code, from HTML5 to CSS 3.

Web Development

We are a Drupal development company. We create custom website applications and drupal modules based on client requirements. Our fresh beautiful designs combined with our backend content management system gives you a beautiful and functional solution.

Mobile Development

The need to reach mobile users is drastically increasing. We offer custom solutions whether its a website that is device agnostic (a.k.a a responsive website) or a native Android or iOS application. Ever client is different and we can assist you in determining what method works best for you and your audience.

Website Hosting

We build websites, its true. But a website can't exist without hosting. We provide hosting solutions combined with custom tailoring your hosting needs to your website. Need more memory? Need to install a certain application or script? Having us custom manage your hosting will give you greater flexibility without the initial overhead of a dedicated server.

Ongoing Maintenance

We develop custom solutions, and we host websites. All of this requires upkeep. We can assist you with your day to day needs. We keep backups of your site, update your modules and content management system, and assist with any other hosting or CMS related need. Maintenance is critical in keeping websites successful which have interactive communitities.


It’s true that today a website is only as visible as the top search engines say it is. That is why we use the best SEO practices to establish and build “credit” with the top players in this arena (such as Google, Yahoo and Bing). Building a reputation w/ great written content and superb SEO practices is a surefire way to be seen. With the rising popularity of the web, who doesn’t want to be seen?

Social Media

Facebook. Twitter. Google+. Social networks are all the rage these days and it’s hard to go 24 hours without hearing one of them mentioned. Luckily, we here at Capital Results know a thing or two about how to best leverage these networks to help you take advantage of all the hype. We can set these networks up to interact strategically with your website and audience.

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